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Many of us remember our first love. For Serenity Pet Spa founder Lis, this was her first show dog, a stuffed toy Collie named Nicky. Lis showed her on a shoelace on the sidewalk and proudly bathed her in the sink (even though Nicky’s hair then fell out). From this moment, a future master groomer was born... 

Today, Serenity Pet Spa is an award-winning, leading pet spa committed to its mission to provide world-class grooming for pets and the people who love them. At Serenity Pet Spa, you will find highly trained, caring groomers and an atmosphere thoughtfully designed to provide more than just a groom. It’s our honor to provide your pet with thoughtful attention and care, while also providing you with education on how to maintain their coat health at home.


Serenity Pet Spa was founded on the principle that it is not just about grooming pets, but building and supporting a larger community of animal lovers. Our goal is to provide a sanctuary for dogs to be bathed, groomed, and pampered while enjoying free play with other dogs in a spa-like atmosphere without the confines of cage drying. Every pet is handled with the utmost care, in a loving, nurturing environment by the staff as if it were their own. Employees of Serenity Pet Spa also enjoy a growth-minded, supportive culture that encourages learning and expanding individual skills while enjoying the teamwork and camaraderie that is often absent at other grooming salons. By fostering open communication, groomers are better able to provide pets with the best care.  

Our Work is Guided by Values for...

The only pet spa experience designed to deliver luxury every time.


Educating pet parents on pet health and maintaining the groom.


Cage-free environment. Happy staff = happy dogs = happy parents.


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World-class grooming for pets and the people who love them.

Meet Lis Johnston


If you asked me in 2015 when I opened the doors to Serenity Pet Spa what I saw for the future, I couldn’t have imagined such an amazing result. It’s taken a lot of study and a bit of hardship, but we have built a grooming salon that’s not only designed for the safety and comfort of your pets, but also for the comfort and happiness of your groomer which ultimately creates the best environment for everyone. 


This combination creates the ideal situation to bring the best grooming experience forward. I’ve spared no expense on top-of-the-line equipment to make the job easier for my groomers and less stressful for your pet.


At Serenity Pet Spa, we strive to create an environment where our groomers can expand and grow as individual stylists while enjoying teamwork and camaraderie that can be difficult to find in pet grooming careers. By allowing an open and welcoming environment, our groomers are better able to provide your pet with the best care possible. It's important to treat every dog coming through our door like one of our own. We will laugh with you over their silly antics and cry with you when they fall ill. 


We are not just groomers; we are honored to be a part of your pet family. 

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Since 2004, showing dogs since she was 12.


Breeds and shows Collies, 1 Standard Poodle, 1 Black Russian Terrier, 1 Scottie, 1 little mutt


Portland, Oregon


Loves to hand scissor, especially Poodles


National Certified Master Groomer, Groom Team USA Member, National and International Award-Winning Stylist, Conducts Seminars nationwide.


Lived all over the country as a child because her mom was a travel nurse. Settled in Wisconsin at age 10.

Meet our West Side Team

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​YEARS GROOMING: Bather since 2002, started grooming in 2004 TIME AT SERENITY: Started June 2019 and is currently Serenity's Operations Manager. PETS AT HOME: 1 Doberman, 1 German Shepherd, 2 Australian Shepherds, 1 Cattle Dog, 1 bitty baby Belgian Malinois   HOMETOWN: Waupaca, Wisconsin SPECIAL SKILLS & FAVORITE BREEDS: Really enjoys grooming double coats, she says blow outs are therapeutic and satisfying! ACCOLADES: Master Certified sporting breeds, shows her Australian shepherds in AKC, has Master Agility Titles and International protection organization titles on her dogs. INTERESTING FACT: Her Dad bred and raised Labradors for hunting trials that she helped with growing up. Her first grooming job was with a Belgian Sheepdog and Schipperke breeder/handler.

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​YEARS GROOMING: Pet grooming since July 2018 TIME AT SERENITY: Started October 2022 PETS AT HOME: 2 Goldendoodles and 2 shorthair cats   HOMETOWN: Middleton, Wisconsin SPECIAL SKILLS & FAVORITE BREEDS: Carly is passionate about caring for animals and loves what shes does! ACCOLADES: None yet INTERESTING FACT: Participated in 4-H for 5 years, showing chickens.

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​YEARS GROOMING: In training TIME AT SERENITY: Started May 2022 PETS AT HOME: 1 super cute mega mutt   HOMETOWN: Middleton, Wisconsin SPECIAL SKILLS & FAVORITE BREEDS: Great at identifying unique dog breeds. Favorite breed is Xoloitzcuintli. ACCOLADES: None yet INTERESTING FACT: Voracious reader and Star Wars nerd!

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​YEARS GROOMING: No experience grooming, but Marissa has 13 years experience with dogs. TIME AT SERENITY: Started August 2022 PETS AT HOME: 3 cats and has had many dogs.   HOMETOWN: Madison, Wisconsin SPECIAL SKILLS & FAVORITE BREEDS: Beagles are Marissa's favorite breed and she is always kind and happy! ACCOLADES: None yet INTERESTING FACT: Marissa is a newly proud mommy as of October 2022!

Interested in Joining Our Team?

Serenity Pet Salon & Spa is Madison’s premier dog grooming salon for pets who deserve to be well taken care of and we’re always open to hearing from people who would like to be a part of our team! View our open positions and apply today.

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