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  • We serve all breeds and all sizes

  • Nail filing is done on all pets

  • Walk-in nail trims are accepted and are $12-20 extra, calling ahead is recommended for prompt service

  • We use premium shampoos on all pets, specialty skin products at no additional charge

  • Kennel free option available for most pets

  • We have private "suites" for dogs that prefer privacy

  • We don't use cage dryers, all pets are hand dried and fluffed

  • We use only the highest quality brushes and grooming tools to prevent coat damage

  • We clean ears and pluck when applicable


  • Rehabilitation for aggressive or insecure pets (additional charges may apply)

  • Early education puppy packages-teaching puppies to like the groomer

  • Behavioral and training advice

  • Service referrals - inc veterinary, daycare, boarding, photography, training

  • Equipment designed for the comfort of special needs and senior dogs

  • Breeder referrals and guidance on adding a pet


Finishing off the coat with scissors creates an even, plush look that will last for weeks.  The scissors makes a clean finish that leaves the coat healthy on the ends, similar to you getting your split ends trimmed.  As the coat grows out, it will be even and healthy, which causes less tangling and a longer lasting "fresh groomed" appearance. 


Dog show grooming is provided on limited basis.  This mainly involves the grooming of AKC show dogs to prepare for the show ring.  This can also include the application of such techniques to your pet.  In my eyes, every dog can be a show dog and should have the kind of grooming that gets them, "is that a show dog?", attention.


Hand stripping is a service offered for terrier breeds and other wire-coated breeds.  It involves the pulling out of dead coat, that does not fall out of these breeds like it would a double coated shedding dog.  The pulling does not harm the pet when done properly; that being said, proper hand stripping must be done on a fairly consistent basis.  If allowed to grow too long, the texture of the coat changes and no longer pulls out painlessly.  We offer hand stripping on a case by case basis, depending on the dog and its current coat condition.  Proper hand stripping is very labor intensive and can be very expensive, however, the overall health and appearance of the dog benefits greatly.



Many dogs have a dense undercoat that inhibits their ability to cool off in the summer.  Bringing these dogs in for regular de-shedding treatments will help your pet to regulate their body temperature when it's warm outside.


We are a member of the National Association of Creative grooming, through which we stay informed and educated on the latest and safest ways to add a little creative fun to your pet.  We specializes in hints of color, whether a few highlights in the tail or some pretty ear gems.  

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